If you are fleeing domestic violence, please do not complete this application until you have reached out to a domestic violence provider.

Call the Domestic Violence Hotline: 24hr Hotline: 1-800-334-2836

If you are currently housed and only looking for help finding new housing because your lease is up, your rent was raised, etc., do NOT complete this application. We do not provide housing search assistance. You may try georgiahousingsearch.org or sites like apartmentfinder.com.

Street Exit/North Georgia Coordinated Entry is typically unable to provide same-day service. You will receive a call or email within 48 hours once you submit your application. We will make a referral to a partner agency to provide shelter, or other related services, based on availability. If resources are currently unavailable, we will let you know.

Street Exit is deeply committed to addressing the overwhelming need we encounter, and we strive to respond to every email in a timely manner. While we prioritize our services based on urgency and availability, we genuinely value the importance of each and every individual we serve.

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